Enchanted Moon

Romance, Young Adult

By Homar Solano

Publisher : Amazon

ABOUT Homar Solano

Homar Solano
Homar Solano was born in Los Angeles, California, although within a year his parents brought him to Chicago, Illinois, were he grew up and currently resides, with four brothers and two sisters, plus a father and a mother that inspires him to write on a daily basis.

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Without knowing that this would caused her death, Kayla Moore stumbles upon a black hole in the ground while going to her friend's house, Maritza. In a total curiosity, she places her right arm completely inside the unknown hole. At eight thirty-four that same night she is pronounced dead. The caused: something bite her and affected veins coming from her heart. What bite her: unknown. Kayla must find out what killed her, but before, she must realize that she has been killed, as she appeares to be completely alive, walking in the valley without noticing it. And still she has to confront her grandmother and mother, even his father to find hidden secrets kept away from her long ago. And as if not enough, she will have have to find her real identity and learn her valley's history, names, and dates, if she wants to survive. All this will happen as she encounters her first kiss, and before it's too late, and the evil begins terminating her and everyone in the valley!

Readers be aware, You are in for a great read!!

This is a young adult novel, recommended for ages nine and up.