By Lynn Romaine

Publisher : Wings ePress

ABOUT Lynn Romaine

Lynn Romaine
Author of romantic environmental suspense, with two books in publications and one due out 09/18/09, I write gritty books filled with suspense, sex, romance, murder, about women who discover they can transcend their circumstances and create their own lives. 



For undercover DNR agent Nick Seek, what begins as an investigation of ecoterrorism in the Ozarks turns deadly when she becomes a suspect and a target for murder. 

Her uncle dead, her aunt missing, a regretted night of passion, and Nick flees, running from the law, a murderer, and her inner fears, searching for answers.

FallenAngel Reviews 
Nick Seek is one that likes to be alone, with no permanent attachments to anyone, least of all a man. She discovers that someone is trying to sabotage her job, so she goes undercover as a DNR environmental specialist to find out what is going on. After losing her parents at a young age, she is raised by an aunt that goes out of her way to get herself in trouble. Her aunt finds out about the problem with Nick’s job and goes on her own journey to help. Thinking her aunt was at her uncle’s cabin, she goes to find her only to discover no one there. 

Nick is surprised when the county sheriff, John McGuinn, knocks on the cabin door looking for her uncle. It doesn’t take long to find out her uncle has been murdered and she has been set up as the killer. Nick goes on the run to find out the truth and John is hot on her tail. Catching up with her, he and Nick face the raw sexual tension that is between them. Nick realizes that John is the only one she can trust, and together they look for the clues of the real killer and the disappearance of her aunt. 

Her aunt leads them on a wild goose chase across the country. But, the real surprise is ahead of her when she finally discovers who is the killer and why she has been set up. 

Leave No Trace is an intriguing fast paced, exciting story. There are so many twists and turns to this story, I could not wait to turn the page to see what happens next. Nick is such a lonely woman until she meets John and no matter what happens he is there to protect and love her. Lynn Romaine knows how to bring the characters and her stories to life. Ms Romaine has written such a fantastic tale I give her 5 Angels. - Reviewed by Briana