Daughters of the King

ABOUT C. L. Leon

C. L. Leon
C.L. Leon is a Christian, wife and mother. She started writing poems and stories at the age of six. She has just recently published her first book titled "Love Me Tender", which is a true story.C.L. writes inspirational books that helps women to deal with life's issues. 


The Bible is full of many women who suffered the same ailments that today’s women are facing every day. From sickness to bitterness, from rape to prostitution, and many other life’s issues, Daughters of the King will show you some of the problems these Bible women faced and how God got them through it, and also teach you how to become an overcomer.

Here are some of the issues you will read about in this book:

·    Bitterness: Find out how God delivered a woman from bitterness and how He can help you also to overcome it in your own personal life and be set free to enjoy life.

·  Rape: Have you ever been raped? Rape can come in different ways: emotional, physical and spiritual. Read how God can deliver you from all kinds of rape and set you free and restore your shattered self-esteem.

·  Sickness: Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with an incurable disease? God can heal you right now. Read about a terminally ill woman and see the amazing healing power of God at work.

·   Barrenness: Maybe you have been told that you can never have children in your life and you feel depressed. Many women in Bible times had the same problem and they all received their healing and gave birth to sons. Nothing is impossible for God.

·   The author’s personal testimony: Read the story of the author and see what she has in common with these women in the Bible and how God in His infinite love and mercy delivered her and restored her self-esteem and gave her back her dignity.

You are the daughter of the king and you deserve to be treated with respect. Whatever you are going through, God can give you the victory.

In an age where women are being raped, forced into drugs and prostitution, abused and robbed of their self-esteem, one woman steps out of the shadows of this dark world and offers other women hope and a shoulder to cry on. She calls them daughters of the King.

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