Praveen Kumar, a bilingual poet, born in Mangaluru on June 29 of 1949 as the eldest son of Shree R.D.Suvarna and Smt. B.Sarojini, with his more than three decades of government service as a senior police officer and as a poet of twenty-four published collections and as an author of five vo More...




english love poems from 2009 onwards


GOLDEN WONDER english love poems from 2009 onwards by PRAVEEN KUMAR



Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi  on “Divine Light


Comment: Interesting poem..Preveen Kumar



Sharon Smith on “Divinely Bound


Comment: Just lovely! ! Thankyou.



Shahzia Batool on  “Love Is The Winner


Comment: Amor Vincit Omnia...! ! ! ...No doubt...


Anele ''The African Son'' kaPotelwa on “My Creative Endeavours


Comment: Extremely technically structured, innovative arts at its on peak... Great work 


Shahzia Batool on “She Is Beauty's Soul


Comment: It was my firm opinion that no praise can be more high as Thomas Hardy's praise of Eustacia Vye in Queen of night: The return of the have shaken that firmness of my opinion...



Shahzia Batool on “Goddess in Human Form


Comment: Bright as the sun, her eyes the gazers strike 
and like the sun, she shines on all alike........ 
Favors to none, to all she smiles extends 
oft she rejects, but never once offends...A.Pope...(Belinda) 

One likes to meet such a lovely person...for praising whom the poet never gets short of words n expressions...


ASA on “Golden Wonder

Comment: how often we do foolishly let 'that special one' get away. thanks for sharing.


Ron on “Golden Wonder 

Comment: I see that you are master of love poetry. You have a great range of vocabulary to describe your passion for love. It might have been better if you had posted one poem at a time. Most readers will not take the time to read multiple poems. I can see why you received acclaim for your poetry.



Veeraivah Subbulakshmi on “You’re My Wonder


Comment: very beautiful poem! 10 for you



Kevin Murphy on “She Lights My Soul


Comment: Exquisite poem and a hidden treasure it is!



Gajanan Mishra on “She Is Love In Its Divine Glow


Comment:  love in divine glow, thanks. 



Gajanan Mishra on “I’m Not Alone In This World


Comment: awaiting divine ordain, I like it my dear poet, 



Aftab Alam Khursheed on “Devout Love


Comment: Love is universal and in this way little ahead lust to sustaine love if no treachery is mixed in it 9



Somanathan Iyer on “Devout Love


Comment: Nice way of expressing love Mr. Praveen. inspiring.



Gajanan Mishra on “Bond


Comment: fill my world in heavenly bliss, good poem, thanks.




Lorraine Colon on “Celestial Bliss


Comment: Beautiful poem, but sadly, fate does not ensure that we find each other. How many people die a lonely death never having met the one who would complete their life. There is no guarantee in life, not on anything. All we can do is hope for the best.



Babatunde AremuCelestial Bliss


Comment: Nice Poem. Highly philosophical and spiritual. Kudos to the poet



Gajanan MishraCelestial Bliss


Comment: pure celestial bliss, good poem, thanks. 


Is It PoetryShe Blossomed My Soul


Comment: This poem shows hard work, 
and quite a gift for verse...iip



Geetha JayakumarCosmic Focus


Comment: Good poem.....Well written....yes, its Cosmic Focus...Thanks for sharing.



Gajanan MishraGolden Glow


Comment: beauty onward, thanks, 



Suman Kumar Das “Holy Fire


Comment: So beautifully presented...........................liked it very much.



Gajanan MishraFocus


Comment: only need is joy and happiness, very fine one.





Gajanan MishraWhat Is Love?


Comment: very fine love, 
                   Love, love, love, love.. 




Colleen CourtneyBlossoming Together”


Comment: What a gorgeous piece of work! So sexual but in a beautiful way, which is a refreshing change! Bravo to you my dear for such a splendid poem!




Colleen CourtneyLost Sweet Days”


Comment: Love the emotion which comes across in this well written piece. Can feel the writer's despair. A beautiful write!




Colleen CourtneyShe's Pure Pleasure


Comment: This is such a beautifully worded piece. Truly enjoyed the read!