The Insightful Body: Healing with SomaCentric Dialoguing

The Insightful Body: Healing with SomaCentric Dialoguing

ABOUT Julie McKay Covert

Julie McKay Covert
I am an author, photographer, teacher and therapist.I am the author of The Insightful Body: Healing with SomaCentric Dialoguingand the forth coming books Art of Winter and Forty Acres of Heaven and Hidden Knowledge.


This book teaches you, the therapist, the fundamentals of dialoguing and building good communication and rapport with your client. Learn how to speak their language and help them get better in touch with what their body wants the to be aware of.

Improved communication can improve their body-centered awareness.
Complete with real life examples and easy to use techniques.

"The Insightful Body: Healing with SomaCentric Dialoguing" will help you improve your skills as a therapist and help your clients get more from their sessions.

This book grew from an idea that my mother taught me when I was young. At six years old, I got a new, shiny, green bike for Christmas. It had a banana seat and streamers on the wide handle bars and no training wheels. It was a previously owned and well-loved bike, but new to me, and that was all that mattered. The following spring I rode it on the sidewalk in front of our house. I was still a little wobbly, with no training wheels to steady me, and I happened to fall off. My mother’s sharp ears recognized that something was amiss, and she came to brush me off. She sat on the sidewalk with me and asked me where I hurt. I pointed to the large red scrape and told her my knee hurt. She gave it special medicine, a mother’s kiss. Next, Mom told me something that would have a profound effect upon my life, although I would not realize it until decades later. She told me to tell my knee that it was okay. She helped me tell my knee that I had not broken anything. I told my knee it was only scraped, and we would take care of it. Mom told me that the pain was my knee trying to get my brain’s attention so I would take care of it. Mom suggested that I also make my knee feel nice and soft like a marshmallow, thus, as I have realized years later, helping it to relax. We sat there a few more minutes. I told my knee that it could be soft like a marshmallow and stop hurting. I had gotten the message and thanked it for getting my attention to let me know that there was a problem. After Mom brushed off the dirt and hugged me, I got back on my bike with a smile and no pain. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me how to pay attention to and talk with my body. This is now what I help my clients do and teach you how to do in the book, "The Insightful Body: Healing with SomaCentric Dialoguing."

'As human consciousness evolves, we continue to develop greater and greater awareness of the mind/body connection, and the many ways in which our bodies mirror our emotions and thought patterns. In The Insightful Body, Julie McKay has given us a clear, insightful, ground-breaking roadmap for learning the language of the body, and listening to all it has to teach us about ourselves, and about those we seek to help.  It is an invaluable contribution to the literature on physical and expressive therapies.'

- John E. Welshons, author of One Soul, One Love, One Heart and Awakening From Grief

The Insightful Body is much more than a book. It is a step-by-step course for therapists, offering a range of processes and insights, to facilitate communication with the wisdom of their clients’ bodies.'

- Bruce Burger, MA, RPP, founder of Heartwood Institute and author of Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness

'A great gift to the therapeutic community. Julie has created a Rosetta Stone for healers to translate the wisdom which is inherent yet unique in every person's body. This wonderful resource has something for every therapist of varying disciplines and skill levels. It is full of well-described techniques to start using right away.'

- Maria C.S. Gabelberger, Psy.D, licensed clinical psychologist and Ericksonian hypnotherapist in private practice

'Each day as a practitioner I am faced with the challenge of trying to understand, communicate, and make a difference with each of my clients. Therapists must deal with the frustration of different personality types. Julie has given me the tools to better understand myself, know which type of communicator I am and help me correspond with my clients. Her advice is well-written, comprehensive and easy to implement. It is a must read for any practitioner who wants to better comprehend and converse with their clients. After reading her book, I feel that I have the necessary tools to get beyond the communication barriers and treat the patient much more effectively.'

- Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio DOM, AP, DO-MTP, PT, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, osteopath, physical therapist, and founder of Therapeutic Systems Incorporated