Incorruptible Beauty

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In All The Corners of The Earth... Tokyo, Sydney, Harare, New York and London

In A “Vainglory” Generation That Excessively Obsesses Over Image and Materialism. The Standards of The World Have Secretly Crept Into the Church and Body of Christ. We Live In An Anti-Christ Generation Where Sexual Immorality Is Casually Esteemed as “One Night Stand”, Breeding Forth Divorce Inducing Demons Called “Spirit Husband/Wife.”

A World With Shockingly Poor Standards of Being Virtuous Among Young Women...
Men Are Esteemed By Numbers 
 "6 Pack" 
 "Bank Balance"
 "Sexual Experiences" ... Rather Than Integrity.

Hollywood and MTV Have Painted A Masterpiece of Lies Opposing God's Very Purpose For A Man and A Woman. In A Blind Society Endorsing A Movement of "Women Empowerment", That Is Spiritually Inspired By Jezebel, Athaliah and Delilah.

Yes... In Such A Time As This, No Longer Can INCORRUPTIBLE BEAUTY Be Limited To Gender, Background, Ethnicity Nor Financial Status. Incorruptible Beauty That Springs Forth From The Very Word of God Activated Through The Holy Spirit Power of God, Is Compulsory For All Mankind.

This Book Serves To Reflect Inward Adornment Found In God's Word Whilst Challenging Mediocrity. The Contents Of This Book Speak On Gods Plan On Earth For Men and Women, The Proverbs 31 Woman, The Meaning of Relationships, Dating and Courtship; What happens During Sex - Emotionally and Spiritually; Soul-Ties, Spirit Husbands and Wives; The Four Types of Love - Agapao, Phileo, Eros and Storgos; The Spirit of Jezebel etc