Three Little Words (To Guide You)

Three Little Words (To Guide You)

ABOUT Terry Ferguson

Terry Ferguson
Terry Ferguson lives in Birmingham Alabama with his wife Jill and daughter Kristin.  He compiled "Three Little Words", a Christian devotional book, to pass on to his daughter and to witness to the world about God’s gift of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.



What advice or life lessons do you wish to pass on to your children or loved ones? What resource do you use when you are in need of direction, or need a quick pick-me-up from the Word of God? “Three Little Words” is a devotional gift book compiled to fill these needs.

Each of the 275 instructions for living is three words in length and is supported by three short verses from God’s Word. Each is intended to convey the underlying message of “I love you” from our Heavenly Father and from us earthly parents or friends who pass them on.

With simplicity as their hallmark these easy to remember instructions provide direction and encouragement that is directly from God’s Word – not the commentary of man.

Perfect for all ages – children new to God’s Word, teenagers facing new challenges, graduates entering a new world, or life long Christians simply facing a new day.  With “Three Little Words” give yourself or someone you love a reminder of God’s eternal message of “I love you”.