The Final Nesting Place

ABOUT Carrie Chavez Hansen

Carrie Chavez Hansen
Interior designer, Carrie Chavez Hansen, has a popular interior design internet radio show and has been featured in Denver Life Magazine.  She was named by World Market Center as one of ten top design bloggers to cover Las Vegas Market.  Carrie has also been featured in a number of popul More...



The Final Nesting Place takes you on a personal journey of discovery through the connection of key elements in your loved one’s life story.  The elements are transcribed into a beautiful and unique physical narrativerich in the meaningful details of their life.  This physical narrative is your loved one’s final nesting place.  It is a place of sanctuary: a personal refuge which expresses their most important and profound experiences, beliefs, and relationships.  When melded together with basic principles of interior design, your loved one’s final nesting place becomes a private haven in which to rest, reflect, love, and live their end of life.