Organizing from the Heart: Change Your Mindset, Conquer Your Challenges

ABOUT Beth Beutler

Beth Beutler
Stephanie Baker is a Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach, Certified Professional Coach, and Certified Technical Trainer. She lives in Simpsonville, South Carolina, where her coaching practice, Life in Abundance ( is located. She is an active member of the Am More...


With overly packed schedules and overly packed homes, most of us live under some level of accompanying stress. Our lives have become unbalanced, and we are paying a high cost because of it. Our personal relationships, our spiritual well-being, our finances, our professional life, our emotional stability, and even our physical health can be compromised when we live a life that is out of balance and disorganized. 

If you find it challenging to maintain order in your life and home, this book is for you! It's more than a's a guide for taking a closer look at God's word in relation to this important topic. Take a look at how changing your mindset can help you overcome your organizational challenges. Learn to have the right priorities, encourage cooperation, and understand your "organizing" personality. 

Includes a personality assessment and leaders guide. Great for individuals or small groups who want to explore an area of life that can commonly cause fatigue and discouragement. There is hope!