The COSMIC MACHIAVELLI - A Mild & Wild Chat with the Brilliant Celestial Mechanic

Religion & Spirituality

By Thejendra B.S

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Thejendra B.S

Thejendra B.S
I am an IT manager and Author from Bangalore, India. I scribble mild and wild articles on business management, self help, spirituality, technology, etc. I have published five books. Visit my web cave for more details.



Have you ever seriously wondered why our planet is oozing and dripping with diseases, terrorism, racism, wars, crime, politics, business headaches, and 1001 other problems? Or why famous businesses suddenly take a nosedive from riches to rags? And are you baffled by the unexplained collective silence of the benevolent Gods from all our rival religions? If it is a big YES, then don't waste time seeking answers from any reputed experts, enlightened professors, top economists, or by reading their superb bestsellers. And also avoid those eminent Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, top economists, eloquent politicians or any influential world leaders, in case you accidentally bump into them. They will only make your doubts worse with their spellbinding theories. However, if you are desperate to clear your nagging doubts then you should ask the Cosmic Machiavelli because,

1. He is the only brilliant person in the entire universe who knows the correct reasons for the chaos and problems on earth, and also why our world’s movers and shakers can do nothing about it.

2. He is the dream teacher you were eagerly waiting for since childhood who can effortlessly explain why that dullest kid in your kindergarten is now a successful millionaire, while that smartest kid is now in prison.

3. He has also scribbled a few books, none of which have won any popular literary awards. And without even a website, blog or an email id, he has more fans, friends and followers than every blogger on the entire World Wide Web.

4. He is the only guy who can enlighten you with the technical, political, and business justifications for the eternal dance of feast-famine, merry-mayhem, good-bad, peace-chaos, wealth-poverty, etc., around us.

5. Finally, without even a formal authority he can bring anyone down to their knees, irrespective of geographical boundaries, political clout, diplomatic immunity or muscle power.

Want to know who that marvelous person is? Just flip the pages.

The Technical, Political and Business reasons for all the Good and Bad on Earth

Dear Thejendra, I have gone through your book on God, and I think you have done a very wonderful job in bringing out this book, which is not only humorous, does not make one feel bored, is very rational in approach, and honestly speaking very useful and practical. I bless you with more such ventures and success in the coming years and pray to the Almighty to bless you with more and more success to enable you to service society better, and make society realize that the Universe cannot exist without the grace of a supremely powerful intelligent stuff called God. - by  Guruji Sachidananda Babu - Internationally acclaimed Astrology and Vastu consultant -  -

Hi Thejendra - Your work is bright and intelligent. I enjoyed reading the sample and I enjoy your wit. - Sincerely. - by Randy Peyser - AUTHOR ONE STOP

Dear Thejendra, I love your "God" book :) - I laughed at #1 "the buck stops here" - what an amazing humor you have. :) The disclaimer was excellent. :) Your pitch made me want to read your story & I just kept on reading. :) Your tight dialogue & paragraphs made for a very quick read. :) I just love your humor. :) Might I add, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16 :) Hope you'll write many more books on God. :)  by Susie Q - Authonomy Author

Dear Thejendra - I have not read it all but will carry on. I loved your short pitch it grabbed me and your long pitch truly enticed me to read on. Original storyline so far and very well crafted. I  love the flow and I am really getting a true appreciation of Science fiction. This is especially with regard to writers such as yourself. I am aspiring to write, you have honed a natural talent CONGRATS - by Denise McDermott-King - Authonomy Author

Mr. Human meets God on a bus and travels, with a touch of humor, on a philosophical path to discover the mysteries of love, hate, life, death, war, peace and the past, present and future of the Universe. Tej, this is a great book. - Bobbie Hart O Neill