Signature Tastes Recipe Sampler

Cooking, Food & Wine, Travel

By Steven Siler

Publisher : Smoke Alarm Media

ABOUT Steven Siler

Steven Siler
Steven W. Siler is a firefighter-cum-chef serving in Bellingham, Washington.  Long marinated in the epicurean heritage of the Deep South, Steven has spent over 20 years in the much-vaulted (?) restaurant industry from BOH to FOH to chef.  In addition, he has served as an editor and contr More...



From the hidden treasures tucked
away in the hole-in-the-walls to sweeping
panoramic views overlooking the city,
these are sights, tastes and stories
of our favorite places.
An homage in words and pictures,
Signature Tastes Recipe Sampler
captures the culinary essence
of restaurants around America.