The Silence of Mercy Bleu


By Suzan Stirling

Publisher : Knight Romance Publishing

ABOUT Suzan Stirling

Suzan Stirling
Author and HIV/AIDS advocate, Suzan Stirling's fictional stories and essays have reached worldwide and appeared in publications such as POZ Magazine, Adoption Today, and Writing Raw, among others. Born the daughter of a self-professed "Gypsy," much of Suzan's youth was spent trav More...



What if you had one chance to change your life? Would you have the courage to jump?
When Mercy, a runaway with a troubled past returns to the quiet town of Madison, she's determined to make a better life, only how can she? Madison is a place where everybody knows everybody, a town where people still remember Mercy and the awful tragedy that wrecked her family. 

A young woman harboring a deep secret, Mercy never expected them to come to her aid, and she certainly wasn't prepared for love. But all that changes when she and Cole Dawson, a newcomer to town, are thrust together the night of a storm. Mercy's past won't be kept away, though, and no one is safe.

Just when Mercy thinks she's finally outrun fate, it catches up. When her barn is set on fire and Cole's vet clinic maliciously vandalized she must finally face her worst nightmare, or risk losing everything and everyone she loves all over again.

“The Silence of Mercy Bleu, by Suzan Stirling Meredith, is the inspiring story of one young woman’s fight to find herself and save her child. Suzan’s ‘Mercy’ captures the bravery that millions of mothers around the world exhibit every day to keep their children healthy and HIV-free. The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation is pound to count Suzan as a supporter, advocate, and friend, and we look forward to many more of her great works.”- Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation




“What a deeply moving and powerful tale. Suzan Stirling weaves a daring, beautifully written story full of hope and miracles that arise out of the most ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. A lovely first novel that will touch your heart through the very last page.”- Amy Oscar, author Sea of Miracles and The Soul Caller Training