Dirty Secrets

Dirty Secrets

ABOUT Jannelle Drummond

jannelle drummond
I am an emerging poet, screenwriter, and novelist. A naturalized American citizen born in Jamaica. I served honorably in the United States Air Force for five years as an Air Control and Warning Systems Technician in Okinawa and Iceland before pursuing my degree in English Literature at Ari More...



Under the maniacal rule of her crazy boss--toilet paper titan--Mindy Corentini, Adele Jaspers is overworked, under-appreciated, and has no time to date.  After a narrow escape from a crazy homeless man on a New York City subway train, she has little patience for her boss’s antics.  One confrontation away from exploding, Adele does the next best thing, she quits.  

What does Adele do with her newfound freedom?  She takes an impromptu vacation to St. Lucia where she begins a whirlwind romance with an Italian corporate raider, Ambrogio Argentero.  Rich, handsome, and arrogant, he lets nothing go to waste.  Will Ambrogio’s family secrets get Adele killed Renaissance style?