The Cheaters, The Wife, The Revenge


By Verona J. Knight

Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

The Cheaters, The Wife, The Revenge

ABOUT Verona J. Knight

Verona J. Knight
Verona J. Knight is a mother, wife, and friend. As a teenage mother and young wife she put aside her ambitions   to take care of her family. From the pain of heartbreak and   watching others around her, those who cheat and who were   cheated on, she learned from all sides of the  More...


.....When I woke up this morning, Dwayne got out of bed early
and went downstairs to watch TV instead of staying with me, so
we both could watch 
together. That was a bit puzzling to me and
made me a bit uncomfortable. As far back as I can remember he
stayed in bed late on weekends, holidays, and days off, especially
if we made love the night before. I thought it was a little strange
for him to be up and about so early. After an hour or so he came
back upstairs and got dressed. He told me he had to go out for
a short time but would be back soon enough to get ready for the
party. It was only noon, so I believed he would make it back in
time for us to go. Five hours passed before he came back, just in
time for us to get ready and leave. I said nothing about his leaving
but just left with him for the party. I wanted to enjoy the night.

The party was great, and I had a good time. After leaving
that party, we stopped by another friend of Dwayne’s. His friend
was also having a party, and Dwayne told him he and I would
stop by after we left the first one. After leaving the second one
we then came home and went straight to bed. After Dwayne fell
asleep I took his cell phone so I could check to see if there was
anything strange in any of his messages. I was bothered about
his behavior earlier in the morning and his need to go out without
saying anything. I wanted to know if his phone could give
any ideas. I remembered that he had his cell phone with him
when he was downstairs in the morning, so he might have been
using it then.

The first few messages I saw were from Dwayne’s male
friends. I scrolled over those since I had no interest in what they
were talking about to each other. I got to this morning messages,
and there were several on the list between him and Sandy.
I thought my eyes were fooling me after I began reading what
they said to each other. With my hands shaking beyond control,
I forwarded their entire conservation to my phone account. I
wanted to read them later, after I got better control of my muscles
since my whole body felt weak from shaking. After I put
Dwayne’s phone back on the side table, I went to bed and tried
my best to get some sleep.

After not sleeping last night, this morning I got up hoping
that what I saw on Dwayne’s phone was not for real. I was
hoping it was just a dream, but I knew it was real. I got out
of the bed and went to read the text messages I forwarded to
myself. This time I left Dwayne in bed, went downstairs, and
did my reading. After reading most of their conversation, all I
wanted was to find something to use for some serious hitting.
I just sighed instead, even though on the inside I was screaming.
I stayed strong while I read, and when I was finished I was
beyond angry. My world froze for a moment.

Conversation between Sandy and Dwayne:
Sandy: How much longer must I wait to see u Dwayne
Dwayne: Soon. It’s the holidays. Soon
Sandy: I’ll have champagne glasses. I miss u baby
Dwayne: I’ll be making it up to you soon
Sandy: My Christmas was ruin without u. I want u with me
all the time
Dwayne: Please don’t play with my heart Sandy you know
how I feel
Sandy: I can give u at least 100 reasons y I’m in love with
u Dwayne
Dwayne: My heart is not made out of stone. I miss everything
about you. Your lips and the way you touch me. You affect
my life so much that it scares me
Sandy: Same for me baby. I’m writing this to u in tears. I
hate it when u r not around me. I’m feeling pain baby
Dwayne: I even miss the way you walk
Sandy: I want to feel the bass of your voice vibrating my
body to make my pussy jump
Dwayne: I’ll see you soon baby

I read everything, and by the end of reading, I had no plans
to go through the rest of my day thinking about what I read. My
only problem then was that I was not able to give myself time
to figure out how to handle it. Not when my only thought was
how much I wanted to fuck up someone real good. I realized
then that my mind was in no position to think calmly. All I could
think about after I finished reading was should I kill his ass first so.....

"THE CHEATERS TRILOGY" tells the story of a wife, Jenny, who uses her detective instincts to uncover her husband's, Dwayne, affair with Sandy. Unhappy with her findings she also finds herself in an affair of her own that ends up bringing her more than she expects or unsure she wants. While Sandy find ways to cause more trouble in Dwayne's marriage, she hopes to be a big enough problem to cause him to leave Jenny and make her his life. With all her work she also must deal with her twin sister and her problem life. Dwayne now must deal with his wife and his mistress, thinking he's man enough to manage them both while denying all of Jenny's accusations and finding ways to prevent the end of his marriage. By the time he finds out about the other man, he was already a problem and he feels the shoe on the other foot. THE CHEATERS THE WIFE THE REVENGE, THE CHEATERS THE MISTRESS HER STORY, and THE CHEATERS THE HUSBAND THE PAYBACK each tells a side.

"Please tell me that the other book is coming oh my. The first book,The Cheaters, The wife, the Revenge...OMG..Whew..I hope you have some more of Mr William Brissett in it..Man oh Man... I won't say anymore. For those who are wondering...Please go out and get yourself a copy." Elsa

"Hey Verona, Just letting you know that I have received your book. Now I am about to start chapter four where the wife is going to meet and have a talk with Sandy. This book is good girl. It reads so smoothly just like I like. You are going to do well, if you are not already. I say that because not only is the book good, you have two more to this sequel. ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS!!! Valerie Brooks"

"I have completed reading your book and have passed it on to my daughter. (She tried to get it before I finished reading. Lol lol) I AM READY FOR THE NEXT ONE. When will that one be available?? Valerie Brooks"

"Well my dear, life is a bitch if we only allow it to be. I enjoyed your book to the fullest and Jenny’s endurance through the book remind me of my motto through two husbands, I decided to let the music play until all feelings are gone. I like the way you demonstrate that by doing so does nt make you any less weak, but in all essence make you stronger, to be able to endure until you are completely free from the love and even the passion you once shared. I think too many people end a relationship way before the music completely stop. The mental hardship do not have to happen if they would have only endured and learn to be free forever. Thank you for sharing and giving me a good weekend with a good book of life that I will make certain to share with others! Janice Seymour Tyson"