The Energy Within

ABOUT Marie Cunningham

marie cunningham
I'm an Author, Holistic Practitioner & Empowerment Trainer who gives inspirational talks and runs workshops on many self development subjects. I've had a varied & interesting life with many challenges, which put me on the path of self-discovery. One of those challenges was a c More...


The Secret brought the law of attraction to the world & since, many books explaining how to use it. So why do so many find it difficult to achieve goals and end up feeling a failure?

The Energy Within takes us beyond the theory into the practical & explains how past experiences & programming affects our present eeven if we aren’t conscious of them & what we can do  to overcome these blockages.
Through simple analogies & my own experiences, I explain why unwanted things happen, but also how to change our patterns to stop repeating the same mistakes again & again.

Explained in language that is easy to understand, about quantum & metaphysics & how we have the power to create whatever we want, & in fact already do!

Ever wondered why we keep creating the same old situations in life? Want to find the root of your old patterns? Marie Cunningham MA is a qualified Holistic Practitioner (DpCT RM) trained in Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy/Regression, Reiki 1,11 & Master level, and has a qualification in Adult Education. She has been helping people discover their own healing abilities for nearly twenty years, by introducing them to the idea that there’s a valid reason why we create chaos in our lives, and shows that once we learn to read our bodies, we can live healthier, happier lives. Marie has had a varied and interesting life with many challenges, which put her on the path of self-discovery. One of those challenges was a car crash, which injured her spine and later led to her seek alternative methods of healing. Before the car accident that would change her life so dramatically, she was sceptical about crystals and healing in general. However the pain from her spine was so severe, as a last resort she went to Scotland and was introduced to the world of crystals. The results were so amazing; it led her to open her first crystal shop, The Crystal Cave in Middlesbrough and to study the subject, for which she received her Diploma in Crystal Therapy. After she introduced people to the wonderful world of Crystals by opening The Crystal Cave, she then led her customers to the joys of Reiki, Hypnotherapy & Past- Life Regression, for which she now practices throughout the country. She's ‘been there, done that’ and for those who have tried many methods of self-healing and given up, this book shows that if you hang on in there, you can find the way to self-love. Marie has a deep passion to help make the world a better place, and believes that can only be achieved by empowering people. She has appeared in the Daily Mirror, The Evening Gazette, many times, and has also appeared in articles for national magazines. The Energy Within, for all you are and ever have been!

Spirit & Destiny Review Feb 2011:
Reviewed by Sharon Knott, 35, a teacher from Birmingham.
This new book takes the reader beyond the ‘law of attraction’ theories seen in the likes of The Secret, and explains the practical ways to bring them into practice by learning how your past experiences and old ‘programming’ still affects you, how you can change this and develop your own healing abilities.

It’s a fascinating book of great anecdotes from Middlesborough based healer Marie Cunningham, as she’s gone on her self-development journey.
It’s also packed with information on everything from crystals, orbs and ghosts to auras and healing and reiki.

Feel informed and empowered after reading this book.