You Cannot Find Peace Until You Find All The Pieces

You Cannot Find Peace Until You Find All The Pieces

ABOUT Marie Maiden

Marie Maiden
Ms. Marie Maiden is the youngest of five children.  She was born in Washington, DC on May 24, 1964, her parents separated when she was very young.  She was raised by her mother and grandmother.  During the teenaged years of her life certain decisions were made for her life that created  More...



This book titled “You Cannot Find Peace Until You Find All The Pieces” chronicles a search for my father, a man I desired to meet face-to-face.  The searched lasted eighteen years.  It led me to discover my ancestry, which provided the documentation that I needed to finally locate my father.  I was able to find the plantation where my dead ancestors lived as slaves and brothers and sisters that I didn’t even know existed before I found my living father. 


This work also chronicles the role of God in my life and how my belief in Jesus Christ has transformed me and given me the strength to overcome a less than desirable childhood. Prior to this personal transformation, I held on to many regrets from my childhood.  The most consequential of these was a teenage pregnancy and my life as a teen mother.  My anger and immaturity contributed to my poor decision making and a bad attitude.