Psychology of Love, Marriage & Sex

Romance, Family & Relationships, Health, Mind & Body

By Joyce White

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Joyce White
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There are fewer personal problems of deeper concern today than marital and sexual fine-tuning of the sexes. After all, the grandest nitty-gritties of happiness are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. When love chases us it is our mal-functioning heart that weakens our brains, causing our eyes to sparkle, our cheeks to glow, our blood pressure to rise and our lips to pucker hence birthed the familiar term, “love-sickness.”  Those with restless minds and needy hearts only manifest their own loveless ness becoming what they think about all day long. Make no mistake about it, even a loving heart requires tremendous human patience, intelligence and skill, along with giving what we would really like to be getting ourselves. 

!” I hope my work helps you get in touch with how you like to be touched, how to think about your libido and/or desire, and even how best to trigger your arousal and reach orgasm. Why I have been endowed with the passion of writing on these subjects, I resign to God’s inscrutable purpose. If you are not in a relationship right now, you may find my words useful as a way to help hone your sense of self for future relationships. Everything you will learn in these pages is based on solid, medially sound research and findings by marriage and sex therapists. There are many common hang-ups that often get in the way of us enjoying our sexuality. Some are related to emotional issues, others are medical or health-related questions. . The hardest thing in beginning this book was to cut away all that is incidental, and keep only that which remains as the nobility of love, marriage and the Science of Ecstasy. I feel like it is pretty impossible to build good relationships until we’ve burned away our youth and its fairytales, as well as learned misapprehensions about love, marriage and sex. I must admit creating a book about loving and being loved is like having a foot in two worlds. The idea of double-dipping into sensual matters intrigues and excites me; after all, love is the fuel that drives the human engine. I’m not a doctor, I write for fun and wellness, yours and mine.