Juliana's Dream


By Jennifer Campbell

Publisher : http://www.excessica.com

ABOUT Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell
Author of nine BDSM Erotica ebooks at eXcessica.com



Trapped in a hellish life as the pain toy of an insensate Master, Juliana is close to giving up, which for a slave girl on Ranexx means but one thing. Her Master Dionysius beats her daily, and locks her away in a cruel chastity belt the rest of the time making it impossible for her to execute the functions of a pleasure slave for which she had been trained. Yet there is hope in Juliana’s heart, in the delightful form of Gallerus, her overseer at the tavern where she toils. She wants him and he desires her, but can he rescue her from a fate worse than death, and if he does will he survive the consequences of his actions on the lusty, male-dominated world of Ranexx?