The Reverent Surrender

ABOUT James Finster

James Finster
James Finster, born in Escondido, CA studied Literature at California State University San Marcos. He resides in Flagstaff AZ with his wife Jerusha and two daughters Vivian and Reagan. James enjoys writing fiction, children's shorts and published a non-fiction memoir entitled The Reverent  More...



The Reverent Surrender is an insightful memoir that tells the story of a father's dynamic and beautiful relationship with his son cut short when he took his own life. How does one retain the life lessons past on without becoming resentful of their father's decision? As an only son, James Finster, retells the memories of the life and times he experienced with his father and looks for the messages and teachings within them while finding the strength to carry on as a man and father himself. From learning to drive at the age of eight to avoid certain death, to facing and conquering his own demons in the days following his father taking his own life, James Finster spreads thoughtful insight into the complex relationship that is the father and son dynamic. Through these memories Finster finds the strength to move forward and forgive life's ultimate sin, and honor his father while keeping his teachings close to the heart and applying them in his own life. The Reverent Surrender reinforces the idea that a life is not lost with death, that it is truly the teachings and memories that keep the spirit alive within the hearts of those touched in their lifetime.