ABOUT Eiry Nieves

Eiry Nieves
I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and I am 25 years of age. At the moment, I am a full time student and when the Professors aren't watching, I write my ideas for new stories. Yes. I hear voices and they want out...but they are funny so I don't mind!



   After almost three hundred years roaming the earth in solitude, one of two things was bound to happen: suicide or finally going crazy. But when death’s promise was worse than the thought of living…craziness and bitterness seemed like a hell a better option to her. On the bright side, when life no longer holds any surprises for you, it also gives you a sense of serenity that has been denied since birth. At least that’s what Aisha Blackwell tells her reflection every passing day. 

  From a world of shadows comes our heroine, a tracker that’s only called forward to Dead Territory (the side of the world that wields no magic), when an awakened comes belatedly into his powers. But this new call is about to change life as she knew it. 

  When given the assignment to track a new awakened, Aisha thought it would be a simple task; only a matter of finding, capturing it and then returning to the Shadowlands. But what she didn’t expect to find was that this new awakened would bring her world to her feet. Maybe life still had a few surprises to give…like the strength of the bonds of friendship, the warmness that love can bestow and the means to make a heart beat again.

I dare you to enter the Shadowlands.