Life Lessons from the Heart

ABOUT Teresa Morrow

Teresa Morrow
Teresa began her life as a symbol of inspiration; born under special circumstances weighing a little over one pound compounded with severe heart issues. She overcame these medical obstacles surprising the doctors by living beyond their projected life span of twenty-four hours. Later, in h More...



At times life is filled with disappointment, hardship and overwhelm.

However, you also know life is a precious gift you have been given. It is in the times of hardship, disappointment and overwhelm, life lessons are offered and given to learn and grow from.

In this book, Life Lessons from the Heart, the author shares her experiences of hard times and how she was able to work through them. She tells how she became appreciative of even the toughest of times such as the death of her mom, a divorce, getting disowned by her father for dating a man of a different race,  and her husband’s heart attack.

The author reveals how she finds life’s beauty even when life throws in scary, sad or unfortunate events.  She shares how she discovered that life is rich in community and saturated in love. She offers ways where you can go on to live a richer, happier and more fulfilled life that breeds from your true authentic self.

This book shares stories and insight on how to:

~realize the importance of celebrating who you are (just as you are now)

~release the grip of having to be right and in control

~end the feeling of self doubt

~embrace and find time to do the things you love to do

~and much more…

Life Lessons from the Heart comes from some of the authors own life experiences and what she learned from them.

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