Climbing Mountains

ABOUT Osman Gulum

Osman Gulum
I am a family man, an entrepreneur and a author. I have recently published my book 'Climbing Mountains', which is an autobiographical account of my exploits in business. It is now available to buy on Amazon either in paperback form or on Kindle.


Climbing Mountains is a business book. It is also an autobiographical account of my personal exploits in the world of business. This book is the truth about my my journey from the humblest of beginnings to becoming a successful businessman.

I want this book to act as an inspiration to anyone seeking success in their lives. Read about how I've faced bankruptcy, physical violence, extortion and heartbreaking poverty and how I never gave in.

This is a story about business. This is a story about overcoming challenges. This is a story about how I climbed my personal mountains. I hope it helps you climb yours.

Offering practical business advice within a gripping true story - Climbing Mountains is the perfect read for anyone wanting to chase their dreams.