Cook from Your Heart: Recipes for Transformation

ABOUT Alice Louise Karow

Alice Louise Karow
Alice Louise Karow is a former personal chef and wine consultant turned food writer. She has a passion for conscious cooking, making meals healthy, convenient and delicious.

As a Let's Move chef, Alice offers her guidance to a local elementary school under Michelle Obama's prog More...



The times in which we are living offer a choice between stress, fear, illness, confusion and despair or hope, renewal and transformation. In her book, Cook from Your Heart: Recipes for Transformation, renowned personal chef and food writer, Alice Louise Karow offers delectable recipes, inspiring stories and practical information as a guide to transforming your health and lifestyle in these challenging times.

She begins with the premise that our bodies are naturally transformational, responding to the instructions we consciously or unconsciously give via our eating habits, emotional states, breathing, sleep and exercise schedule, intellectual assumptions and behavior patterns. Alice believes that what we feed our bodies and what we feed our souls are intimately intertwined and the choices we make have far reaching consequences in our own lives and the lives of others. Cook from Your Heart is not a new diet plan, but rather a more conscious, heart centered approach to cooking, eating and daily living.

Easy recipes from Alice’s years meeting diverse clients’ needs from meat, to vegetarian, vegan and raw foods dishes use ingredients that make your diet healthier without drastic changes. Inspiring personal stories and quotes from spiritual visionaries offer insightful guidance and feed your soul on the gentle journey from decisive action, to gratitude and generosity to a state where effortless laughter and delight appear easily and frequently. Practical food safety tips and nutrition information provide support at the market and in the kitchen.

How do you know you’re really buying organic? How can you prevent the spread of food borne illnesses in your kitchen? What’s the truth about fat? Salt? Calcium? Soy? Chocolate? Water? Which foods will give you the most energy? What’s gratitude got to do with food? What happens when you let go of suffering?Why bother with all of this anyway? You will find answers in this cookbook, a great companion in nurturing your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self. When you Cook from Your Heart, you can attain a truly healthy, balanced life with the help of author Alice Louise Karow’s recipes.

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In 2000, I started my own business as a personal chef. Within a few years, it became clear that people really needed my help on a grand scale! I was astonished by the number of adults I met who could not cook at all! How did they survive?! The idea for a cook book came from my experiences with clients and also from my investigation into what makes a fulfilling lifestyle of health and happiness. Many people who consider themselves to be spiritual, negate the physical realm and neglect their physical bodies. Your body is sacred space - and without it you don't get to experience this existence, so it is important to care for it well! Of course, what you eat is central to your health, but your physical activity, your daily habits, your thoughts and emotional patterns and your spiritual beliefs all weave together to create your total wellbeing, your daily experience of being alive. Rather than create a new fad diet, I pulled my favorite recipes in all categories so that no matter where you start - if you're eating meat, vegetarian, vegan, raw foods - you'll find easy, delicious ways to make your diet just a little bit healthier. And, yes, there’s a whole chapter of sweet, healthy desserts! What’s interesting though is that it takes more than a recipe to make a great cook. The same attitudes that create a healthy lifestyle also create a healthy cook! Cooking from your heart is all about enjoying the process, appreciating the sensual joys of creating a great meal, tuning in and being present with the act of preparing the food, knowing your ingredients and also fully embodying your role in caring for the people you’re cooking for. Tuning in with even greater attention means knowing where your ingredients come from and how the growing, packaging and marketing impact our environment, which is really just our extended physical body. You begin to see the complete circle and the interconnectedness of all life on the planet. What you put into your body becomes what you express in the world around you and vice versa, what is put into the environment becomes what you eat, drink and breathe, think, feel. This is a book that was meant to be. I had accumulated a treasure trove of recipes and stories from my years as a personal chef, cooking for clients, doing recipe demos and teaching classes. When a friend finally pinned me down and said, "When would (now) be a good time to write your book?!" it clicked. I consciously decided it was time to put it all together and when I went home, I jotted down a few ideas before going off to bed. However, as soon as I put my head down on the pillow to go to sleep, I got a great idea, so I flipped on the light and wrote it down and went back to bed. Not so fast! Another idea! So, I got up and wrote that one down... and it went like that all night. The moment I started to drift off to sleep, another thought, story, recipe popped up and I had to write it down before I forgot it. By morning, I was actually energized by all the great ideas and I knew this was a book that was meant to be. It would serve to enlighten so many people about how to improve their health, how to stop making mistakes they didn't realize they were making, how to bring their lives in alignment with the happiness they were meant to feel every day. I felt guided during the writing process; any time I needed more information, I found it easily. I consider the whole project to be a blessing and a gift!

"This is more than just a cook book; it's a fabulous book!" -Loren Slocum, author of The Greatest Love and Life Tuneups.

"While Alice draws on hard science as the basis for her recipes, this book is easy to read and the recipes are easy to prepare, proving that transforming your health for the better can be a fun and delicious experience! ...a beautiful book, highly informative and a joy to read!" -Udo Erasmus, author of Fats that Heal: Fats that Kill

"The recipes are presented from a point of view which reinforces the emerging paradigm that recognizes our connection to all life and our responsibility to care for ourselves, for one another and for the living planet which itself is an extension of our physical bodies, emotions and our spiritual awareness. (Alice) adds a spirit of compassion and joyfulness to the act of cooking and eating that makes the transformation complete!" -David A. Morehouse, PhD, author of Psychic Spy and Remote Viewing: The Complete User's Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing.

"A beautiful coffee-table book on intuitive cooking and eating." -Bookbuzzr