Self-Publish Like a Pro

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By Brandie Knight

Publisher : Holley Martin Publishing, LLC

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Brandie Knight
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Brandie Knight is driven by creativity, passion, and adventure. Now, after twenty years in the entertainment industry, she is writing about her encounters in a fictional environment. Over the past 20 years, Knight has created and produced a television pilot, two radi More...



Self-Publish Like a Pro is a roadmap for authors, who are interested in self-publishing by forming an independent publishing company. This step-by-step guide will help you be in command of your future as a published author. Within these pages, you will find essential knowledge about self-publishing in today's world. You will discover how to self-publish through utilizing the same methods implemented by major publishers. You will learn how to set up an independent publishing company and the production process for print, e-book, and audio book formats. Insider marketing techniques will reveal industry discount pricing, low-cost promotion, and how to be distributed by the largest book distributors in the world. You will discover how to acquire additional book sales through special sales and subsidiary rights. The information will help prepare you for a successful publishing venture that best suits your needs. Self-publishing puts you in control of your own destiny!

After many requests from readers of my fiction novel, I turned my self publishing class into a book. I want to help authors reach their publishing goals, but I did not have time to mentor each person. Many authors are using middleman companies to get published, and I reveal how to go straight to the main service providers that are used by major publishers.

"This book can really help a new author get started especially if selecting e-book format for your first attempt at publishing. The practical approach, detailed information of resources and checklist makes a difficult process seem manageable," Forever Young

"From E-book publishing to major distribution, this book has it all. This book not only tells you how to self publish but provides web sites for various services. If this is your first time self publishing, I would highly recommend this book. If you currently are a self published author and use a middleman publisher for distribution, I belief you can benefit from the insider information of how to distribute like the major publishers for a biggest profit." Kuest
"This guide is full of useful information that is easy to understand, and she includes company names of where to get the tasks accomplished, which is great. She explains how and where to use major book distributors, and the process to create a print, ebook, and audio book. At the end, this book includes a checklist of tasks that I found very helpful along with a glossary and index to easily locate information while going through the actual book production. This book is a must read for authors looking to self publish!" Nene