Heavenly Kingdom

Heavenly Kingdom

ABOUT Leanora Moore

Leanora Moore
I am a published author of two novels with the third one coming out in November 2012. I am a mother of five teenagers and have been married for 13 years. I started writing as a little girl and as I became an adult i started reading romance novels daily. Then I decided to write my first nov More...



Being a single mom and the pastor of Heavenly Kingdom Baptist Church, Layla is reunited with the handsome and irresistible Vivtor Harris. The moment they see each other the flaming attration they shared so long ago was rekindled, but Layla must go though the trials of telling Victor about their twelve years old son, Terrell and, deal with her church members plotting against her to take her postion as pastor of the church which was appointed to her after her father, the previous pastor was killed.

Filled with secrets, tears, laughs, forgiviness and more, Heavenly Kingdom is a contemporary romance novel that is based out of Raleigh NC, where i was raised.