Blood Underground: Book One - Thavs

Romance, Horror, Gay & Lesbian

By Terence Jackson

Publisher : NoDakJack Media

Blood Underground: Book One - Thavs

ABOUT Terence Jackson

Terence Jackson
Terence Jackson was born at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. His father was in the U.S. Air Force and his mother was a nurse prior to having children. Terence's credits his love for the written word to his mother, and avid reader who taught him to read years before he began schooling. His firs More...



The early part of the 19th Century held a lot of promise for a young man born into the upper-crust of London society. Henry Stuart was such a man – educated, handsome, and headstrong - the only son of a prominent financier. The world was poised at Henry’s feet ready to give up its treasures - and pleasures - to one so seemingly deserving of such a gift. On the night of his graduation from university there began a series of events which would alter the course of his life forever, sending him down a dark and treacherous path. Along the journey are characters of all sorts with whom Henry must interact if he is going to find his way. Follow his journey from privileged gent to that of being one of the most feared vampires in all of London – if not the whole of England. Will the beast win out in the end? Or will Henry’s humanity triumph?

I was inspired by a tour of the underground in London that took me into the closed and forgotten subway tunnels underneath the bustling city.