How To Pray Like a CEO

How To Pray Like a CEO

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In today’s climate, a how to on how to pray is more vital than ever!

How to pray like a CEO is for those who want to change the World or just the world around them. These simple easy hands on steps will make a difference for any Christian.

The read is easy and light with no crusty lingo or behind the pulpit theology. Hungry believers will be fed while those who need a new and improved version of then how shall we pray will be liberated, so to speak!

There’s always more behind the scenes we never know about and with prayer that’s a good thing! Why flaunt your God-type actions? Are we destined to a lonely existence? Does God really want to hear my prayer? How can God listen to everyone at the same time? Is praying a religious form of getting Gods attention? What is the disabled language God hears from? Are miracles really happening today? Where does narcissistic behavior fit into God’s sovereignty?

How to pray Like a CEO:
It takes a lifetime to master life but no time to start the process!
Prayer is far from the Paris Hilton grandiose life of pleasure seeking!
Prayer is caught not taught!
Prayer can change the world while it changes your planet!
Prayer is never small talk when it’s conversing with the designer of the Universe!
Never think your life’s optional when you listen for non-optional wisdom!

Chapters included:
1.Prayer in the Boardroom
2.Pre to Pray
3.3 L’s
12.Committing 1st Degree Omission
13.Saint Hood
16.Jail Pass
17.Band Aid
21.Gag Order
22.Foaming at the Mouth
24.Miracle Mile
25.Pleading in the Backroom

We all get a chance even if we sit the bench, see no light or feel pain. Prayer can change the visual and assist in the hope of our meager existence on such a huge planet like Mother Earth. Remaining stealth will strip mountains that have hindered our perception.

Pray with me so we can make a difference!