The Man He'll Never Be

The Man He'll Never Be

ABOUT Cora Blu

Cora Blu
Cora Blu. I write Contemporary Interracial Romance and Underwater Parafantasy Romance. As a fulltime writer I love to find little scenes in life and spin them into a world of love, family and compassion riddled with strife and challenges.



The bra and gold lipstick case in his duffle should have tipped her off. Or the fact Patrick ate the turkey bacon just to get her to go home. She needed answers, and from the looks of things, more than one, but she had a right to know who killed her father and if her adoptive dad wouldn’t tell her, she’d find out on her own. 
Years after her father’s death, Lena (aka Marlena) was still searching for the killer. There was one man who could help her, but her every effort was blocked. When three men from her past shed light on her world, the relationship she cherished the most came to a screeching halt. 
Dillon gave his life to keep his mother save from abuse—done things he wasn’t proud of to give her security and peace of mind. His family’s safety cost him the best friendship he had ever known. With a second chance to get her back, he’ll face every demon from his past to ensure she’s a part of his future.