What Would You Do If There Was Nothing You Had To Do?

ABOUT Winslow Eliot

Winslow Eliot
As well as being a novelist, I’m an intuitive consultant and teacher. My non-fiction book, "What Would You Do If There Was Nothing You Had To Do? Practices to create your life the way you want it to be" is WINNER of Indie Excellence Book Awards (self-help). The titles in my S More...


If you've ever wondered about your soul's purpose and what in the world makes you happy, you may find your answer by taking this journey. Using a wide variety of wisdom-sources, including Hawaiian Huna, Sufism, Buddhism, anthroposophy, Tarot, mystical Christianity, Jungian psychology, mythology, and her own life experiences, Winslow Eliot offers you a path to self-discovery. You'll discover unusual guideposts, creative meditations, and surprising practices to help you on your way. By exploring your map toward self-actualization, you'll find yourself breathing authenticity into every part of your daily existence. Is it really possible to create your life the way you want it to be? Take this journey into a world that is original, daring, lighthearted, and wise and you'll discover that it is.
"Strip away everything you've been told about what you should be doing and how you're supposed to live. Imagine your life is your own and you can do anything you want. You can focus on what's most important to you, without worrying about money, work, relationships, obligations--anything that doesn't make you happy. This is not a book, this is a spiritual and enlightening journey into the core of your soul. In reading you will discover more about yourself and your deepest desires than you probably have in your entire life. This journey begins with you. Take the leap. You will be so grateful to yourself if you do." - Samantha Stier, author