Legend of the Rose-a novella


By Velda Brotherton

Publisher : Kindle

ABOUT Velda Brotherton

Velda Brotherton
I'm a native of Arkansas and have been writing since 1985. I'm working on a novella about Cimmaron Rose. I write fiction and nonfiction, with a total of 15 books published. My back list from Topaz is now available as ebooks on Kindle. A biography, Fly With the Mourning Dove, was a finalist More...



Cimarron Rose disappears into history. What happened to her? Who was she really. Rose Delaney teaches school in Marysville, hiding out from her legendary past. She's lost her lover and the lifestyle she loved. Then she meets ex-outlaw Sam Longstreet and his daughter. When she is kidnapped by one of Sam's old gang, he has vengeance in mind and Rose wants to help him. In tracking down the child, she and Sam also find unexpected love


After reading about Cimarron Rose and her daring legendary deeds, my husband and I began a search, aided by our local librarian, to whom I dedicated the book. Together we learned things about Rose that were contradictory to her legend. But legends come from somewhere, so I began to think what might have happened to her after she disappeared into history and came up with as plausible story as any of the other tales. This one is different and also reveals some facts never used in previous books, or the movie which included Rose.