Shower Talks - Selah Moments from My Secret Place with the Father - Volume II, Maximizing the Middle

Religion & Spirituality

By Tammie Ratliff

Publisher : Create Space

ABOUT Tammie Ratliff

Tammie Ratliff
Tammie Ratliff has been writing inspirationals since 2006. She has since penned three books: The A.M. Deposit, Shower Talks Vol. I & II. At the core of the authors writing style lies her faith. She is a Christian writer who loves bringing clarity to scripture through everyday experienc More...


Shower Talks Vol. II is a book to help you to get through the "middle" season of your life. You are not where you were, but you are not quite where you are going to be - but you are ... "Somewhere in the middle". This book will help you understand the process of transitioning from one place to another.

Many times when in transition we get frustrated because we are unsure of what is going on. This book was written for that very reason - to help you understand what is going on. You are not where you use to be, but you are not quite where you are going - but you are ... "Somewhere in the middle."