Lose Weight Permanently and the Time Factor

Lose Weight Permanently and the Time Factor

ABOUT Siegfried Müller

Siegfried Müller
Siegfried Müller is a renowned and popular Weight-Loss coach in Germany. 12 years ago he developed the Kilokill Weight-Loss-Program which has already helped thousands of users lose and maintain their healthy weight. (www.kilokill.de) His motto is: "Who wants to lose weight and prese More...



This book is supposed to encourage taking a steadfastly approach to healthy lose weight. 
An important criterion for successful weight-management is the time factor. If this is chosen as the basic method, then in principle it will only leave methods that involve neither a diet nor the renunciation of enjoyment. This book is about learning to give yourself and your body time to reach, with proven and not necessarily new strategies, your goal safely. 
Those who trust in the time-honored methods, apply them long-term and change one or another area in their ​​life, will successfully reach their normal weight and can maintain it forever...