Me 'n Jess and an Irish Fisherman

ABOUT Patricia White

Patricia White
Hi there! I was born Patricia A. White in New Market, Ontario, Canada and moved to Chicago at the age of 6. My name was changed to DiVita to protect the innocent. No, not really. I was adopted. I grew up in Illinois, attended the U of I and graduated with a degree in Industrial/Organizatio More...


Jesse wasn’t the world’s worst dog and she wasn’t the world’s greatest dog: she was my best friend. She never saved my life or anyone else's for that matter, and she didn't ride a motorcycle or a surfboard, so you never saw her on TV. Jesse wasn't a well-trained service dog, or a search and rescue dog--although she could have been one for the Sunbeam bakery if one of their bread trucks was ever missing in action. She was just a dog. But Jesse was a special dog. Ask my friends. They'll tell you. She traveled throughout the United States and Canada with me: always watching the world go by with a smile on her face.

Written in 2001, the story about Jesse’s life is intertwined with the story of how this book came to be. That story is romantic and true and takes place in a small town in Ireland. It’s full of fate and luck, but this isn't a romance novel. This is real life.

Most of the popular dogs whom we know were introduced to us by men and I for one am grateful for all the wonderful dogs I have met through their stories. Thanks guys!

Perhaps it’s time to learn that dogs can be "Woman’s Best Friend too". Have fun!

Hi! Jesse was half golden retriever and half white German shepherd. She was born in Tennessee in 1982 and died in Colorado in 1996. This is the story of our life together. I had wanted to write this book for a few years before Jesse died, but never took the time. Four years after she died, I went back to Ireland on my second horse trek, fell for a handsome Irish fisherman, and just had to go back to see what would happen. I decided that it was the perfect time to write this book. So I did. I finished this book in 2001 and wrote to some publishers suggesting that it was a marketable story. I received a few responses agreeing with me, but their particular company wasn't geared for this type of book. I was going to keep trying because I thought Jesse should be shared with other dog people. Around that time, a friend's dog died and I gave him the story to read to cheer him up. He was crazy about it and suggested that it should be a movie. No way. It's a book. I believe he triggered an idea about a movie in my head that completely consumed me and led me to shelving this book. I did make a movie. It's a love story set in the restaurant biz called "Did I Say Thousand Island?" Now it's time to let Jesse's adventures entertain others too. I hope you enjoy this love story about my silly, yet wonderful friend Jesse. As you will find out, I still don't have another dog...