ABOUT Pamela Valerio

Pamela Valerio
Pamela S. Valerio is a wife, mother, and a grandmother. Pamela worked in the Photo Industry for over 18 years. She and her husband, Pastor Joshua Valerio founded The Well A Church of Fellowship in Houston, Texas in 2005.



Today's churches must either be entertaining to keep the pews full, or make their congregations feel good so their sins do not "appear" so sinful.Because of this, vital key steps--that lead Christians to purify the wood, hay, and stubble from their hearts so that maturity takes place within their souls--are lacking from today's teaching. Many Christians stumble when a life-changing event comes into their life. The key aspects that teach us how to walk through the wilderness, are not really taught.
Speaking words versus application of those words are two very different things. Within the pages of Pamela S. Valerio's new title, "A Walk Toward Jesus: Coming Through the Wilderness" the author teaches the reader key aspects that will lead them into victorious living. "My book speaks about before the victory is obtained," the author says. If you have experienced many years of wandering around the mountain, not seeing change happen, this is the book for you! A truthful examination of the heart is key to understanding why God has placed you in a wilderness experience. This book helps you understand step-by-step how to walk in that wilderness and come out on the other side victorious! You will no longer ask God "why did You let this happen to me?" It will awaken a humble heart within you.

A Walk Toward Jesus was written out of my passion and desire to know who God is truly.