Tangled Deceit


By Wendy Miller

Publisher : Wendy Miller

ABOUT Wendy Miller

Wendy Miller
I'm an author and photographer, as well as a single homeschooling mother of two. I write romantic suspense, and have published two novels so far, and am about to publish my third.


“I think your mother had an affair with my business partner.”

With that one statement, everything Lacey thinks she believes come crashing down around her. Everything she thought she knew has turned out to be a lie, and no one will tell her the truth. As she investigates the past, trying to sort truth from lies, she's grateful for Jon. At least he's on her side.

After a devastating betrayal by his wife, Jon has sworn off love. He'll commit to fun and sex, but he makes sure that women understand he won't commit to anything beyond that. His instant attraction to Lacey surprises him, then, because she seems so innocent. What surprises him more are the feelings he begins to feel for her.

Just as he's about to tell her how he feels, Lacey discovers the secrets he's been keeping. Can they move past it? Even if they can, is Lacey keeping her own secrets that might destroy what's left of them?

I wrote this book many years ago, when I was a young stay at home mother to my oldest son. It was finished and then put away as life got in the way. I finally pulled it out again, and after making some major updates to reflect the changes in the world (does anyone, anywhere, still have an answering machine?), I independently published it as my first novel.