Dawn Davis-Lawrence’s life has touched and inspired many! Her skill and ability as a orator has led to being a sought after Motivational Speaker. She is a Community Leader, serial business entrepreneur, author of the christian book ‘Don’t Waste Your Pain’ and her latest empowerment More...


Born out of the pain of the author--this book belongs to you. This is the story of all the traumatic pains you have had to endure. Your cry has reached the Father, and He has answered. As you read these pages you will hear the gentle whispers of God's voice. 

Don't Waste Your Pain is both uncomfortably honest and challenging. Full of compassion and insight, Don't Waste Your Pain was written for you. Because God recognizes Himself in you, He sees the high price of your suffering as you strive to reflect His image. And He honors you.

How does the christian overcome suffer hardship and trials, yet still hold on to their faith christian healing, struggling, self belief and faith emerging even more resolute in their belief in God?

If there is any other book you need next to the Holy Bible is the book 'Don't waste your pain'. This is a book that been a source of strength for me in my time of weakness.This is a book that will open your eyes to some heavenly truths that will help you in your christian walk. It is a book speaks of the reality and practicalities of the christian walk and gives you an understanding of the strategies of the enemy to cripple you and make you believe that you are fighting a losing battle.If your life is full of painful experiences,been abused,bruised and confused then this book is for you.Grab a copy now and allow the lord to minister to you as he himself [Jesus] was bruised suffered death and even death on the cross but on the third day,he arose from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of God. Identify yourself with him today through this book and the writer's experience and understand that your pain is not to break you but to transform you into the image and likeness of God which was lost in the garden of Eden.Understand that the intensity of your pain signifies the level of your breakthrough.God bless you today,and be a blessing also to others by telling them of the book 'Don't waste your pain'.

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5.0 out of 5 stars A NEW THING, October 10, 2004
By CHIK ORAKA "CHIK" (ENGLAND UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Don't Waste Your Pain (Paperback)
Looking for something new? something fresh? well, i've got news for you cuz 'don't waste your pain is it!'. This is a book which God has used to bless me in an incredidble way. It has shed light on a lot of areas in my life. But u know what? the incredidble thing about this book is that you can tell it is a book which is birth my Christ- why? because the way it has touched me will not be the way it touches you and as individuals we can relate to it from different perspectives.

'Dont wate your pain' helps you to grasp your position in God and hey! whenever trials and temptations come rest assured that God's got ur back and you have been approved.