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ABOUT Sharon Lee Hobbs

Sharon Lee Hobbs
Just a little about me ~ I love meeting people. I love dream catchers and I love to write. That has been my dream along my lifes journey. Although it seems to change constantly. God is leading me down paths I would have never gone. Some could be writing for┬áthose who need some inspiration More...


This being the second of Dream Catcher Memories is extremely important to me. This part of my journey will give me the opportunity to introduce to you some of my unique treasures. Not diamonds, gold or money but one of the greatest blessings I could receive. Those treasures are my friends. A few from long ago and some more recently. You see, this little series of booklets is in memory of some very special people. From that tragedy God led me in a direction I would not have gone. I have become so blessed by listening and following His direction for me. This booklet is dedicated to my friends. You will be meeting a few special friends from many years ago and you will meet the friends that have inspired me and loved during this part of my journey. They each in one way or another gave me what I needed to keep putting one foot in front of the other. My hope is that with sharing my memories and my inspiration I will in some way touch your heart. If you are reading this right now, this is for you. From my heart to yours ~ Thank you for being a friend.