ABOUT Roger Wilkerson

Roger Wilkerson
I love traveling the world and helping people to break through fears of learning new things - no matter what age they are today.


Parents are drowning in a sea of homework, wondering how to stop the madness and have some happy time with their children again. The premise of The Homework Sanity System, is to partner with children around their homework, helping them to organize their work and encouraging them to think on their own. Roger Wilkerson offers light at the end of the homework tunnel with a real-life, practical method for parents to conquer the nightly homework challenges posed by school today. The accessible 4-step process of Partner-Connect-Correct-Collect brings possibility and yes, even fun to your evening homework sessions. Children want to learn, play and grow, awakening to each day as a new adventure. We participate in that bright future for our children by starting right where we are, and stepping up to support them. The book is a companion to Homework Sanity: Insights for Parents from a Private Tutor.