Dr. Dearest (An Erotic Short Story Series #2 Featuring Dr. Strange Love)


By Cindy Hardwell

Publisher : Smashwords.com

ABOUT Cindy Hardwell

Cindy Hardwell
Cindy Hardwell is a stay at home mom who loves writing erotic stories. Besides her duties as a wife and mom to four fuzzy children, she shares her journey of erotic enlightenment through sexual encounters with you, the reader.  



Here is another story by Dr. Damon Strange Love, sex therapist as he encounters a woman like none he's ever meet before. The spark that Billie ignites in Damon can't be denied, no matter how hard he tries.

Mingled among the progressive story of Billie and Damon, Doc shares tales of his patients and their difficulties. More stories by Cindy Hardwell will follow in this series.

Dr. Damon Strange Love is a sex therapist who favors a surrogate sex method of dealing with his patient's issues. He's versed and skilled in his field. His professional position is rocked to it's very foundation when Billie Collins walks into his office. A Houston socialite who can have anything she wants has been referred to him in a last ditch effort by her family for help with the childhood abuse that effects her still. Can Damon help Billie without allowing his personal feelings to override his professional position?