Veronica's Soap Opera Life

Veronica's Soap Opera Life

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Chantal Bellehumeur
I am a self-publishing author with 7 books out.All my novels are available to purchase at and Amazon. I encourage you all to check out my published novels on Amazon, where they are cheaper than buying them directly from my own publishers. I write a bit of everythin More...


Veronica is a young, single mother, who always had bad luck with men. Although she has a negative view of men in general, and has trouble trusting them, she can't seem to live without them. In her attempt to avoid being alone like her divorced mother, she becomes involved with men too quickly. She subconsciously goes for the bad boy types, and pushes the decent guys away. Unfortunately, she doesn't realize the negative effects her unhealthy patterns are having on her emotional well being until her life has turned into a soap opera.

Veronica's diary is filled with her complaints and personal thoughts on men, her sarcastic and over analytic remarks, as well as all her frustrations and dramas mostly caused by the men in her life. Of course, she also details her love interests and the affairs she gets herself in-and-out of.

Book review on Goodreads by reader Sarah Wong, who rated it 5 stars out of 5

This book is great! It's really great to indulge in the gossip of another persons won't get in trouble for it. Veronica's story is one that relates to many women! Men, troubles, fun times, and friendships... The book is written in a heart-to-heart way simple every day way. Not in a glamor hollywood style, so it's a refreshing read. Oh and it's a great purse size and this little novella can be read in one sitting...actually, you'll want to finish it in one read! You'll want to know what happens next...


Commnent on book's Facebook page by reader Yvonne

Enjoyed the read on my way to Toronto!!/pages/Veronicas-Soap-Opera-Life-by-Chantal-Bellehumeur/462307087174632