The Kingdom Matrix: Designing a Church for the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom Matrix: Designing a Church for the Kingdom of God

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This book is about the question of how the church properly fits into the larger picture of God s activity.

Christopherson s Kingdom Matrix is based upon three solidly biblical yet highly controversial assumptions:

At any given moment I am either building the Kingdom of God or the dominion of Darkness. Period


It is possible to participate in church expansion and unintentionally be an agent for shrinking the Kingdom of God.



It is possible to unknowingly value the Kingdom of God before acknowledging the value of its Source; the King.


The Kingdom Matrix is four worldview quadrants that describe the values and preferences of four unique segments of our world:


  • Self Seekers
  • Brand Expanders
  • Kingdom Seekers
  • Kingdom Expanders


Christopherson s work, The Kingdom Matrix, is an intellectual leap for many, but told with humorous stories and common-place examples making it both an enjoyable and challenging read.