How To Have More Confidence In Your Life

Health, Mind & Body, Self-Help and Personal Development

By Lynn Merrin

Publisher : Strategic Book Marketing

ABOUT Lynn Merrin

Lynn Merrin
I was born in Sydney Australia, have two children & have travelled extensively. I have studies in psychology, psychotherapy, NLP/hypnotherapy, natural therapies & am a Reiki Master. Currently living on the beautiful Northern Beaches, I have a small counselling/healing practice &a More...



How to Have More Confidence In Your Life is the first of four volumes in the series of How To Have More In Your Life books that takes the reader on a journey of consideration beyond the physical, expanding the conscious mind and impressing the subconscious with Affirmations and Visualization.

This is simple, yet powerful method to achieve more confidence and a higher level of self-esteem.

Complete with verses and reference to ancient philosophies, this book is your daily guide to creating more confidence in your life.

Lynn Merrin B.Ms has studied Metaphysics, Psychotherapy, Natural and Vibrational Therapies, and Neurolinguistic Programming/Hypnotherapy since 1986.

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How To Have More Confidence In Your Life is a Motivational, Self-Help, "How To" Daily Guide to achieving more Confidence in your life through practical steps, creative Visualisation and verbal Affirmation. This is a simple, yet powerful guide to empowering to reader to find their inner strength, be who they truly are and to take personal responsibility for creating their existence. We are all entitled to a prosperous, abundant, successful & joyful life & this simple, yet powerful guide is a great start to achieving that result for a positive result in achieving More Confidence In Your Life.

This book has assisted many readers to achieve confidence in their own ability to create what they want, need, desire & deserve in their lives. The author was more than impressed to receive feedback from a prominent publisher in Australia who said, in his opinion, the book was "brilliant".