Perfect Summer (Loving Summer Series #2)

Perfect Summer (Loving Summer Series #2)

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Kailin Gow
Graduate of the Annenberg School for Communications Masters in Management program in journalism, marketing and publishing at the University of Southern California. ¬†Author:¬†Bestselling and Award winning author of over 100 books. Some of my book series include, "The Frost Series&qu More...



Two hot brothers, one steady and secured, groomed to take over their family's billion dollar enterprise. The other, a rising football star whose body is well-known to women of all ages in print and in person. Both in love with the same woman, whom they can't have - Summer Jones, their sister's best friend since childhood, and the girl they promised to protect. She's never been so lost in her life, following the tragedy that rocked her steady and secured life. Always the perfect girl, the good girl who does everything to take care of everyone else, she's now the one who's fallen too far. Not Drew, not Nat, and not even Rachel. She knows she has to choose and make a decision. She knows she has to do the right thing, but as she decides with her mind, her heart rebels. Her desire for both Donovan brothers has grown insatiable and an addiction so much so that lines are blurred and nothing is clear. Just when everything seems bleak and hopeless, comes a revelation so deep, that what seems far from perfect becomes perfect in what turns out to be the Donovan's most perfect summer. Books in the Loving Summer Series Loving Summer Falling for Summer (Loving Summer Novel/Donovan Brothers #1) - YA-Mature/New Adult Version Falling for Summer Uncut with Bonus - Adult Contemporary Version for 18 years and up Perfect Summer