Energetic Codependency: Break Free From the Toxic Energies That Hijack Authenticity

ABOUT Elisa Romeo

elisa romeo



his book teaches you to recognize the often misinterpreted and ignored intuitive guidance that is desperately trying to help you live a full and authentic life.
Packed with over 120 pages of rich content, transformative exercises powerful quizzes and insightful meditations, this book can change your life.  Really.
This ebook is meant to be as much of an electronic download as well as an energetic one.  
This book offers insight on:
*Your energetic nature and reality which is always primary to the physical one
*The aura and chakra system
*The difference between codependency and energetic codependency
*The 8 major ways we lose our energetic power
*Quizzes to discover the ways in which you are receiving your intuitive information (So that you can recognize and advocate for your Soul Voice)
*A Self Care plan complete with meditations, exercises and tips
My goal was to do this intensive work in a way that is fun, relatable and approachable.  This is not a chore "to do" but an opportunity to BE.
"Lifting the veil does not have to be heavy lifting."
Purchase here:  http://www.elisaromeo.com/The-Book.html