The Game of Life


By Dominic Fahr

Publisher : YouWriteOn

ABOUT Dominic Fahr

Dominic Fahr
Started writing nx years ago as the chronicler (spin doctor) for a mercenary unit.  Graduated to being an international tax attorney (real creative writing) and now... I just write... my latest book was supposedly issued on the 8th December, 2008.  However, as so many celebrities were br More...


From a smashed up wedding in 1956 to the start of a new life in 2008. But what became of the boy who did the smashing? Murdered they said. Him and a dozen others.
But not all those who disappear stay gone.  Not all abused children make abusive parents. 
All Life is a joke... but not all jokes are funny.
All Life is a game... but not all games are fair.
But it's better to die in expectation of life,
                                                          than live in expectation of death