Surreptitious Voice

ABOUT Adwoa Bonney-Graves

Adwoa Bonney-Graves
Hello My name is Adwoa. I am a new published author of a poetry book entitiled, "Surreptitious Voice". It is my first of many to come. I enjoy reading and writing poetry and short stories, as well as reading other books. I absloutley love to travel, learn about different cultures More...


Surreptitious Voice is a book of various poems relating to LIFE, LOVE, SPRITUALITY and SELF. Enclosed with illustrations to transition the reader from one emotion to the next, each poem is unique in a very special way, relatable, sincere and honest. The word Surreptitious means behind-thescenes, secret, hidden. Hence the title, Surreptitious Voice, means secret or hidden voice. The poems are fi lled with raw emotions of any type: joy, sadness, anger, fear, pride, love, and many others. This little book of poems is a journey through the heart, mind, and soul. Its' purpose is to simply inspire, encourage, motivate and entertain all hearts.