In the blink of an eye


By Lisa J Skone

Publisher : Xlibris

ABOUT Lisa J Skone

Lisa J Skone
I am forty four yrs old and a mother of three.I love to write as it is a great way for me to express my feelings. I have a good imagination, so it doesnt take me long to get lost in a book.



Life is hard for Danielle who finds herself left alone to bring up her three children. Her future looks bleak when she comes to terms with the cruel cards that she has been dealt with. Emotionally and financially she is drained as she faces this harsh reality. Mick owns his own car yard, and Bill is his number one mechanic, and over the years their relationship deepens as their lives enter a new and unfamiliar stage of singleness. Mick is an alcoholic who is very much in denial, and is oblivious that his problem is the cause of his marriage break up. Mick decides to get away for a few weeks to the Greek island of Skiathos, and invites Bill along to join him. He knows the host family well, and is overjoyed that Bill agrees to go with him. Bill takes this opportunity to ask Danielle to accompany them, and after some persuasion by both him and her family, she decides to take him up on his kind offer. Stuart is a regular in the pub, so when he hears about their escape, he asks if he can join them. Danielle is taken completely by surprise when Pannos the son of the hotel owner falls unexpectedly in love with her and her with him. This is not only a journey of discovery for her, but also for her three friends, unravelling a story that will be very hard to put down.

Twelve years ago something wonderful happened to me on the island of Skiathos. Love entered my life as it had never done before! Once home I decided to write a book about my experience, but after only writing a few chapters my life took an unexpected turn, and my half written manuscript was put away. Eight years later and after two moves, I stumble across it whilst looking for plain paper for my grandaughter to draw on. I re-read it and think 'hey, this is quite good' and subsequently ask a friend of mine to read it and let me know what she thought. She agreed with me and encouraged me to re-write and finish my book. Since it had bee eight years, so much more had happened in my life, so my one book turned into a trilogy. Book two 'Paving the way' is written and published and I am currently working on book three 'Freedom in chains.' Books one and two are only based on my experience as I have thrown in different characters and scenarios to give my story more zeal. Danielle, like myself, has been through great many trials, some good but mostly bad, and the great and exciting thing is that the end has not happened yet! But I am determined that it will be a GREAT and HAPPY ending!

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