The Parents’ Guide To The 10 + 2 Science Know Before It Happens

ABOUT Achala Jha

Achala Jha
The author is a parent, a home maker, a tuition teacher and mentor having done  post graduations. Author’s prime area of interest is teaching a systematic approach of study with a holistic view so that students achieve their best potential.



This book illustrates how parents can guide their children by following a systematic approach for preparation of 10 + 2 boards, engineering entrance and medical entrance examinations. When to start, what to do and how to manage the whole experience is described in the book. What you cannot measure you cannot control- The book aims to make the parent anticipate the academic gap hampering the student’s progress and then devise suitable remedies for improvement. The book describes the various facets of the student’s journey like deciding and taking admission in school/coaching institutes, making a time bound study plan, optimum study material selection, developing strategy, taking the mock tests etc. The case studies of a student Azad, his struggle, improving performance and finally taking the examinations under parental guidance is discussed. The students may also read the book, but for best results reading along with their parents is recommended.

I was standing in front of a school on a hot summer day as my son was appearing for a national level engineering examination. The examination was to continue throughout the day in two separate three hours sitting, with a two hours lunch break in between. There was a huge field outside the school where scores of parents were sitting and talking to each other. I was amazed to see the knowledge level of some guardians regarding the examinations. Parents whose second child was appearing in the examinations seemed to know better as they had gathered enough experience in their previous forays. There were also first time parents who thought they had done enough in guiding their wards but their confidence had now taken a beating and were revising their opinion. The discussions continued for three hours until lunch break when the students came out with question papers. The papers were tough as all types of questions having single answers as well as more than one answers etc were asked. The break period was spent with the students having lunch and very soon the school bell rang and students went for the second sitting of examination. As most parents had nothing much to do for the next three hours, so questions from the first paper were discussed and some parents were found to have some idea of solving the questions with their knowledge. They had also the idea of the method of study, course curriculum, books and study material to be followed and most important what not do during preparation of such exams. However, majority of parents were feeling that they were lacking in their efforts compared to vigilant parents. Some of them were ruing the fact that had they also kept up to date, then it would have been an additional advantage to students, apart from what the students have learned on their own through self study and teachings of school/coaching institutes. This book is written for parents of science students studying in class 11 and 12 and preparing for engineering or medical entrance examinations with an aim to give practical suggestions regarding how they can contribute in the studies of their wards. The student’s youthful energy and the parent’s experience if mixed properly can achieve good results in studies.