Seeds of Sobriety: Practical Daily Readings for Alcoholics and Addicts

ABOUT Liz Purcell

Liz Purcell
LIZ PURCELL is a freelance writer and longtime sober alcoholic. She is also a member of SOS International, a self-empowerment program featuring the sobriety priority.



See what folks are saying about Seeds of Sobriety:

"For every alcoholic/addict uneasy with religious programs, Seeds of Sobriety is must reading."
-Jim Christopher, Founder and Executive Director, Secular Organizations for Sobriety, Hollywood, California

"Seeds of Sobriety is jam-packed with powerful tools for staying sober."
-Barry Solof, M.D., Fellow, American Society of Addiction Medicine, Regional Chief of Addiction Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles, California

As desirable as any of these might be in themselves, you needn't work any x-step program, believe in a higher power, or maintain a state of serenity to stay sober. So says Liz Purcell, author of  Seeds of Sobriety: Practical Daily Readings for Alcoholics and Addicts. The main emphasis of Seeds of Sobriety is on the alcoholic/addict's need to prioritize their sobriety each day. Seeds of Sobriety also gives hints on coping with different issues--without drinking or using.

Liz Purcell is a freelance writer and long-time sober alcoholic. She is also a member of LifeRing, an abstinence-based, worldwide network of individuals seeking to live in recovery from addiction to alcohol or to other non-medically indicated drugs.


Once while at a Secular Organizations for Sobriety meeting, we were discussing the AA book One Day At A Time. One guy said we (SOS) should have our own daily book. I thought that was a good idea. Over the next few days, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I finally decided to write it.