The Mercy of Devotion

The Mercy of Devotion

ABOUT Kam Carr

Kam Carr
I am 29 years old and live Oxfordshire uk with my husband and two sons. I love to read erotic/romantic novels and enjoy writing just as much. I have self published 3 novels on kindle and smashwords :)



Meeting Tristan Smith at a bus stop is a life changing event in Kendra Gratton's life. She gets lost in Tristan's worlds and falls for him quicker than she wants. With his need to seek the possibilities of pleasure she is drawn in. Then the dark secrets begin to emerge.... Stripping?? Money?? Drugs?? And of course there is Dylan-Tristan's older brother. She soon finds herself wondering if she is with the right brother and then she learns the bomb shell that could destroy everything. The mercy of devotion may push the barriers of reality a little too far, but at the end of the day... We are always at the Mercy of the people we love....